BFU is currently updating the site content. We are working diligently to offer all the information about our programs and services.

Why you should join Barrie Families Unite

You can help make a difference. Joining us will allow you to be part of a good cause, meet new people and help others. You can make the Barrie community a much better to live.

Make a difference

The impact that you will make will be real and valuable to our community in general.

Inner Satisfaction

Being helpful to others delivers immense pleasure. We are hard-wired to give to others. The more we give, the happier we feel.

Meet people

You meet different kinds of people and make new friends.

Take on a different challenge

Volunteering can trigger your imagination to innovate while fostering your creativity, courage and curiosity.

Be part of the Barrie Community

You can be part of something bigger than your friends and family.

Have fun and gain confidence

Volunteering helps you step outside your comfort zone and build on your unique strengths.

Value of Help Donated to Community
Average volunteer hours per week
Good Food Box Program boxes
Households helped

Current Volunteer Opportunities

BFU offers a wide variety of volunteer experiences. Choose the one that speaks to your heart!

Our outreach volunteers are focused on fulfilling essetial food clothing and crisis needs to our low income neighbours. You might find yourself at our warehouse assembling daily fulfillmentorders, sorting and organizing incoming doantions or making deliveries.
Our support volunteers have skills that lend themselves to our internal operations. If you are experienced in fundraising, social media communications, tech (IT) or grant writing, we need you! We also need individuals or business with skills or trades that we may be able to call during crisis situations.
Our community campaign colunteers engage with our community focused campaigns such as Clean Up Barrie, BFU’s Birthday Crew and our Loads of Love Laundry Program.