Intro Video

As a finalist in the 2020 Mayor’s Innovations Awards, BFU was asked to prepare a 3 minute video highlighting Our Story, Our Impact and Our Collaborations. Here is our submission.

Other Media Highlights from our FIRST year:


Toronto Observer

April 8, 2021

Article that shares BFU’s story through eyes of a few of our BFU members.

Barrie Mayor

Jeff Lehman

A congratulatory shout out from Barrie’s Mayor in anticipation of our 1st Year Anniversary Celebrations.

Ward 3 Councillor

Ann-Marie Kungl

A heartfelt shout out from one of Barrie’s city councillors. She talks about how BFU re-defined her definition of community.

Ward 2 Councillor

Keenan Aylwin

An authentic message from one of Barrie’s city councillors. He speaks to the inspiration and beauty that BFU has brought to our city.

Barrie Uncovered

Published March 2021

Feature story about the ‘year in review’.

“This is real people helping real people at a pure grassroots level.”

Published March 2021

Comprehensive 1st Year Anniversary story about Barrie Families Unite.


United Way Blog Post

Published December 2020

Blog post written about Barrie Families Unite and ‘Connecting Communities’ – featured on the United Way’s home page.


Rock 95

Published May 2020

Announcement on Rock 95’s home page about BFU’s Kid’s Clothing Bank that was held in May 2020.