BFU Business Buddy Program:

  • YOUR business name listed on our BFU website (5,000 views last year) under: DONOR – BFU Business Buddy
  • Ability to join BFU’s Facebook Group (16,000 local members) with your business’ page profile. Our current rule is everyone must join the group as a person, not a business. BFU Business Buddies would stand out as they would be able to post AS THEIR BUSINESS – with their biz logo, etc. This privilege will be ongoing throughout the year – not just tied into your BFU Buddy Week.
  • Choice of BFU’s ‘Community Caring for Community’ vinyl window cling or framed sign for your business to display your partnership with our Not for Profit (delivered after 3rd month of program).
  • Use of the BFU Business Buddy logo (to use on your own social media)
    – Ability to book ONE 7 day (full week) period on BFU’s FB Group as the BFU Business Buddy of the week (bookings of which week will be on a first come/first served basis)- Allows you to up your # of posts from 1 post per week (standard offering to everyone) to 3 posts between Monday – Saturday (during this one week only)

    – SOLE poster on BFU ‘quiet’ Sundays – whereby our admin team takes the day off and NO posts hit the BFU feed EXCEPT for the two pre-scheduled posts that our admin team will queue up on your behalf

    – Ability to pin ONE post for the entire week. Pinning keeps your post at the top of the BFU Facebook Feed. This same post will be shared to our FB Page and our Instagram account

Financial Investment:

Minimum of a 12 month commitment*
$50/month for Small/Medium Businesses (up to 20 employees)
$25/month for local Not for Profits or Charities or other local ‘agencies’
$75/month for Advertising Agencies (representing multiple clients)
$100/month for Large Businesses (21+ employees)

* At the end of the 12 month cycle – you will get first right of refusal to sign up for a 2nd year.