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BFU Can Help You

Barrie Families Unite offers a variety of services to support our  low income community, especially single  parents, ODSP & OW recipients, and Seniors on CP. We offer deliveries within Barrie city limits (40km radius from our City Hall).

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Weekly BFU Services to the Community

Grocery Gap Assistance

This program helps low income households struggling with food insecurity. We work with Food Bank to extend the help to individuals that cannot go to/from the Food Bank due to their time availability and/or mobility impediments.

We offer porch deliveries of food items to cover gaps between Food Bank orders and stock capacity.

Clothing Support

This program covers family needs for clothes with the delivery of gently used clothing items.

It also helps reduce the stress that individuals go when starting a new job and need additional safety gear apparel.

This program assistance runs all year long for both children and adults.

Situational Crisis Support

This program help individuals that are displaced or fleeing abusive situations to start anew.

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